FraudLens: An AI-based platform to aid law enforcement and financial institutions in end-to-end investigation of cryptocurrency related crime

CloudAtlas: System and methods for Verification and Auditing of Intelligent systems

CERBERUS: Child Exploitation Response by Beating Encryption and Research to Unprotect Systems

Blood Brother BB/1.0: A digital health platform that empowers people to better understand and hence manage their risk of developing diabetes.

FormIN: Forensic Readiness Methodology for IoT Network Investigation

SILAS: Securing Machine Learning Models in Cyber Security – Adversarial Science based Model and Approach

IoT Security and Forensics

UrbanArk: (collaborate with Prof. M. Bertolotto)

CONSUS: (collaborate with Prof. T. Kechadi)

InSDN (collaborate with Dr. A. Jurcut): A secure framework to automatically detect and prevent attacks in software defined network (SDN) based cloud computing environment

>> SDN Dataset

Electromagnetic Side-Channel (EM-SCA) Analysis for Security and Digital Forensics: Framework and Datasets (DOI:

>> EM-SCA Dataset

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies:

Smart Vehicle Security and Forensics

WhatsApp Interception


AI Model for Efficiently Reviewing and Analysing Prospectus Documents